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The Tactical and the Intangibles of Basketball

I strongly believe that a coach should not only be an authority figure on and off the court but a mentor as well. It is important that student-athletes understand the importance of academics and life outside of basketball. The truth is not everyone gets that shot at the next level whether it's college or pros. As coaches, we encourage them to turn that B into an A. Being mentally strong in basketball and in life goes a long way.

To give you a peek into my coaching mindset, here are some questions I often ask myself.

Tactical Questions:
  • How can our team get more rebounds than our opponents?

  • How can our team commit fewer turnovers than our opponents?

  • How can we improve our team's shooting percentage?

  • How can we get more uncontested shots?

  • How can we develop better shooters?

  • How can we lower our opponent's shooting percentage?

  • How can we get to the foul line more often than your opponents?

Intangible questions :
  • How can we teach more life lessons to players and set a better example?

  • What are the most important character-building qualities we can teach players?

  • If players on our team were my own children, what would I want them to get out of this experience?

  • How can we motivate our players?

  • How can we improve teamwork and the attitudes of each player?

Basketball is a simple game and easy to understand. As a coach, I don't want make it too complicated. My goal is to stick with simple tactics that help all players improve.

When you stop to think, the only thing you can do to win is... shoot a higher percentage than your opponent and/or take more shots than your opponent.

That's all you can do. When you start thinking in those terms, the game becomes really simple. And your priorities become very clear.

Hope this helps. Family on 3,.. one,.. two.. THREE.... FAMILY!!!!

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