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My Basketball Coaching Philosophy

The following values are the basis of my coaching philosophy. These are the things that are essential in building a successful athletic program. A winning program is based on a system that everyone believes in. A good coach must be passionate and teach his program to the players and coaching staff.


I believe that creating a family atmosphere is the single most important job as a coach. In order to build strong relationships the coaching staff, team, and community need to support each other on and off the court.


I believe that one of the most important aspects of a successful program is communication. Having the ability to spread your message throughout your program will ensure that everyone is focused and going in the right direction. All distractions and problems need to be dealt with immediately and a clear line of communication should be open between players, parents, and staff.

Basketball is an extension of life.

I believe great coaches focus on the development of the student athlete. In today’s society success is measured by wins and losses. But, I believe that in order to be a successful coach one must focus on the total development of the student athlete. My program will be one that extends beyond the game of basketball. Athletes of this program will use skills that will help them be better students and become successful members of society.

Dreams are the fuel that fire desires.

My coaching philosophy is to dream big and stay focused on the process. In order for us to achieve this we as a coaching staff, and team must hold each other accountable to stay focused and be in the present. Consistency. A successful program is one that has consistency throughout. While all coaches should have the freedom to be independent and creative in their coaching, a successful system should focus on the same details, fundamental principles, offensive, and defensive philosophies. By implementing a system that is well organized and consistent throughout the coaching staff we will be able to communicate clearly to the athletes and direct everyone towards the same vision.

Open and Flexible.

A good coach should always stay open minded and flexible. Refusing to adapt when something is not working will cause frustration to the team. This does not mean that one should overhaul his coaching beliefs every time there is difficulty. It simply means that a coach should remain flexible and not always assume that his way is the best

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