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Crater News and Update

Over the weekend Crater basketball had the opportunity to compete in Eugene at the annual Oregon Duck Basketball Camp. Teams from around the West coast flock to this camp for the opportunity to compete against top-notch competition. This year did not disappoint; many of the elite teams we see year in and year out in the Oregon state tournaments for 3-6a made the trip and Crater boys basketball thrived in the competitive atmosphere. In tournaments like these, coaches are hoping to see how their teams respond in various situations and our boys did not disappoint. We won together, we learned together, and ultimately we grew together as an aspiring team that is hoping to make some real noise come season.

Along with the competitive schedule, our players and coaching staff were able to attend a skills development session put on by Dana Altman and the Oregon boys basketball team. We were able to catch a glimpse into the practice routines of a top-notch program, and also take away some important coaching points to emphasize for further success come season. But most importantly, we were able to listen to the philosophy of a highly successful basketball program and measure it up against our own. The overall message may have been worded slightly differently, but it is impossible not to notice the vast similarities. We left that private session feeling really good about our shared vision for what this program is, and can be. Now, it is time to take that next step!

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